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blos•som (verb): 1. bloom; 2. to come into one’s own; 3. to achieve a peak period in development

From a simple seed planted four years ago, there comes a blossoming.

Mixed Mode entered the a cappella scene with one mission: to create music that elicits a visceral reaction within our audience. That feeling of music hitting you right where you needed it most is what Mixed Mode is all about.


Over these years, we've been able to come together as a family of musicians who put their passion for music and artistry into every single performance we give. Now, we think it's time to go to the next level! We're recording our first FULL-LENGTH studio album!

Check out the lead single from our upcoming album! Look forward to the full album release this Fall!

Recorded by Angela Longo, edited by Archie Gopal & Chris Brody, & mixed by Jill Clark of The Vocal Company. Mastered by Dave Sperandio.