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How do you blossom?

blos•som (verb): 1. bloom; 2. to come into one’s own; 3. to achieve a peak period in development

From a simple seed planted four years ago, there comes a blossoming.

Mixed Mode entered the a cappella scene with one mission: to create music that elicits a visceral reaction within our audience. That feeling of music hitting you right where you needed it most is what Mixed Mode is all about.


This album is a celebration of the people & the music that defines who we are not only as artists, but as a family. Every single member of Mixed Mode, past & present, worked tirelessly to build this group from the ground up and make us who we are today. Our failures and our successes made us stronger and work harder than ever before. Blossom is a love letter to anyone who has ever believed in the power of music and what it can do. There’s a song on here for everyone, so we hope that you enjoy every minute of this album.


Thank you to all of our friends, families, alumni, supporters, fans, mentors, producers, arrangers, and all of our Kickstarter backers for making this possible!


This is how WE blossom.

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